Sand Flag

Sand Flag

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Head Shot

Wow gotta love this time of year! I have not forgotten about my projects @ all. As a matter of fact I am rolling out "Ihmo Fett" a 3 3/4" Bootleg resin with random artcard! So you get a cool figure and a cool art card as well. Ihmo Phett is Sando Bagrissian's Arch nemesis. In the begining, Sando and Ihmo use to chill. But one foul night @ a sweet party, Ihmo started playing for the other team. Sando quickly rejected his ass and said "I can't swing like that dude" and then on out became enemies!
Be on the look out this Friday for the release of "Ihmo Fett as part of the "Sando Bagrissian Returns" saga!!! More pics and art cards to come!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Gaijin Warrior!!! This Week!!!!

Thanks Again Ralph for some more of your awesome artwork!
Not sure exactly when to drop these this week. I'm thinking late Friday night ,Saturday night,or even Sunday night. I would say the sooner the better right?
So Here is the skinny. We got a total of 20 Vagabonds with variations and 2 chasers. Muramasa brother and Masamune brother. The two chaser figs are airbrushed. Each fig $25 ea. plus ship Blind Bagged! no additional shipping for ore than one. I will do my best for multiple orders to keep from getting the same color;)

The Gaijin Warrior "Super" fig is a more bulky build that incorporates the two brothers to become one as destined to defeat the "Final Boss" Not all have the joints parts but are a nice beefy build. These guys will have a sword,and random chest armor. Some pieces even glow in the dark!! The clear parts look pretty rad under a black light or U.V. lamp Each build is very different. I have 5 ready but may alot for 10 just for you guys. This will not affect shipping;) The Super Gaijin Warrior figs are $35 ship. Multiple orders will not be charged additionally.
Tons of pics are updated on my Flickr page! Later this week I shall unveil "The Final Boss!!!"
All figs are eligible to get the mail away "Final Boss!"

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sando Bagrissian Returns!!! Gaijin Warrior Update!!!

Hey everyone,I've just been really Sandbagging here lately. This time of year is chaos with family work,and more family but it is all going to be worth it. I decided to revise Sando Bagrissian a 3 3/4" resin bootleg character I previously created. But this is going to be carded,maybe even a possible Bootleg 2 pack featuring his long time feminine Nemesis "EMO PHETT" Ha! Pretty funny huh? I want you guys to think back to some older movies that dealt with Mummies and saving the world. That is the direction I am taking with this.
Also Update on the SandMuppet Studios X Onell Collab "Gaijin Warrior." This Character is basically from the ancient "Feudal" real of the Glyos system. Based off of the Legendary swords "Muramasa"and the Masamune" The figures are going to be in three sets or variants .1:Red 2:Blue 3: Purple "Super Figs" I am hoping to release these babies @ the end of the month just as long as there is no interference with other artists and other drops. Stay Tuned!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Update: Bluestone Gallery "The art of Wil Wong Yee"

Hello! Just wrapped up an extraordinary night of drinks,friends and this amazing art by a local artist "my Cuzz" through marriage,but like a brother to me Wil Wong Yee.You can view the W.I.P's in the link to his web page. My Flikr has every piece that was on display @ the show. See, every piece of course has it's own identity. They all have a meaning and are real from the artist. Wil has definitely applied "mileage" to every piece and going all the way as far as his talents would let him. My favorite is the featured "The Boxer" It just has alot of abstract elements but not all the way and is very unique. My wife being a animal print, exotic cat lover enjoyed "Kat"
Everything was displayed nicely and thought out very well. I do believe Wil is going to display @ other galleries as well. I wish you luck and all the blessings that the universe has to offer you Wil!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Bluestone Gallery show

My Cuzz Wil is bringing Columbus Ohio some of the freshest paintings to the Bluestone formerly Boma. There will be a couple local bands and lots of sweet art. Wil also mentioned he has prints of all of his art displayed. I know I am excited,because I seen first hand his amazing talents right before my eyes. He whipped up a sketch to painting in like an hour and a half.
I shall post pics of the show and availability of the prints and original art if anyone is interested. Hope to see ya there!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thank You!

Well it was a fun leetle mini drop. I shall be shipping next week some time. Just wanted to shout out thanks:) I may have the full figure I built available by Late Sunday if anyone interested;).

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sand Pirates Blind bagged! We are Live!!!

Hey everyone. Just another update @ 9:00 pm I will do a mini release of a 2 pack Glyos compatible Head and arm set. These sets are super limited and run in many colorways and variations. There will be 10% off given to a limited number of people. The code is a latin name for a clam fossil I own. Feel free to sift through my older post to find the name. When name is found enter as one word;) Have fun!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sand Pirates AHHH!

Just a simple but cool project I have been working on and off. This guy dates back to a year ago when I went on vacation. The "Sand Pirate" is Glyos compatible and will be available in a min release later this week. I have just one figure made but the heads and arms will be sold as accessories for you to build your own. All casts are urethane "clear". I am even going to make a special batch of "Pink Lemonade" glow packs as well. Stay tuned!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kaiju Zoron Finished!!!

Hello! I am posting an update for the "Kaiju For Japan" Custom. I give you Kaiju Zoron! This was obviously based off a Mighty Mug but with more twists and turns.First I applied my special sand paint to the vinyl. I airbrushed the crap out of this bad boy with trippy mixes of Flourescent and pearl paints. Kaiju is really not my typical thing but this cause was inspiring. It's amazing what people can do when others are in need.
Well Zoron has been a long time concept of mine. Basically an Alien Monster that can and will overtake or comandere other life forms to do his bidding. I hope you all like what I've done,and enjoy this character. I spent quite some time on this and I like it. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kaiju Zoron!!!

HI! Zoron Kaiju madness Kontinues! What is this? A godzilla like monster? Where will he go?
Still hacking away @ this Mighty Mugg dude. I believe i am done piecing this beast together so paint is being applied in the airbrushing bay. This is my first attempt into the "Kaiju" world. I just hope my Kontribution will be worthy enough for the cause;)
I can't wait to see more from the other artists. from what I've seen there are going to be some amazing things available. Amazing group of artists! I am proud to be part of this relief. We love you Japan!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kaiju for Japan

Hello everyone!. As we all know our friends in Japan are in need after the devastating effects the earthquake has brought upon them. Here is a link on Troy Stith's Blog for more info on the Red Cross donations. Also 55 strong artists including myself are creating Custom "Kaiju" monsters in a wicked way for a helpful cause. I have some Work in progress shots of what I am doing. I plan on releasing my upcoming Zoron sculpt for this cause and some other customs as well for donation. The sale is on April 22nd and Link to purchase these upcoming customs shall be posted. Stay tuned on the blogs for more updates! Thankyou! God Bless Japan!!!!You are all in our hearts!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Disney's Vinylmation

Where to start? Well while on vacation my family and I were introduced to a new weakness,Vinylmation. So being at the Disney World parks kept us exposed to this addiction @ every store they had. The newer series that came out ,personally are the best! Although the Urban and the Park series are veteran,there are still other series to not miss as well.
Just like when you buy a blind box Dunny or Munny, the Vinlymation figures can be traded @ certain sites as well all over Walt Disney World. Some fine local malls may have a Disney store as well. I have not tried trading @ those locations outside the parks. How the trading works from what I've gathered is you go in,if you blind boxed figure suck you can then trade with the clerk either a straight 1 out of three "Visibly displayed" trade or you can choose from a numbered blind case and get one shot;) Sometimes you can sweet talk them into more LOL! But either way it is fun and you also get a chance to knab the older figures that are not available anymore:) Well in my Flikr you can see what I have thus far. Oh by the way my Lucky little Daughter pulled 2 chase figures like it was nothing. "Lucky little shit!" LOL!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Gaijin Warrior"

Here is what's to come in another Sand Muppet release.Just a little teaser for all you folks. This is our "Gaijin Warrior", one of many figures coming out. I was having fun with some paint apps and sculpting this fine hat to make him kinda Samurai. There is going to be another character possibly two more in the line up. So far Gaijin warrior will have hat accessory,hand casted of course in Urethane also sword and custom casted head. There will be definite variations of this character and others. Stay Tuned for more updates this week!!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Cucuella Ginanta!

Uh I know Hakuna Ma tah tah what??? Yeah I aquired a approximately 65 million year old clam fossil while vacationing in Myrtle Beach years ago. I researched a bit on this particular animal and is apparently the inside mold imprint. Unfortunately do not have the shell.
So getting to the point I plan on making some sculpts inspired by this fossil and maybe making some casts of this most defined piece. It is very inspiring and has many possibilities. Could be a cat piece or something else.
Art will be made of this I promise!