Sand Flag

Sand Flag

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kaiju Zoron Finished!!!

Hello! I am posting an update for the "Kaiju For Japan" Custom. I give you Kaiju Zoron! This was obviously based off a Mighty Mug but with more twists and turns.First I applied my special sand paint to the vinyl. I airbrushed the crap out of this bad boy with trippy mixes of Flourescent and pearl paints. Kaiju is really not my typical thing but this cause was inspiring. It's amazing what people can do when others are in need.
Well Zoron has been a long time concept of mine. Basically an Alien Monster that can and will overtake or comandere other life forms to do his bidding. I hope you all like what I've done,and enjoy this character. I spent quite some time on this and I like it. Enjoy!

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