Sand Flag

Sand Flag

Friday, November 29, 2013


Hello! Just posting some pics of figures I have available in shop. Some are Urethane Rubber,and others are resin. I have a coupon code:GAK for 15% off entire purchase! TODAY ONLY! So here is the store page: STORE Good Luck!

Monday, November 18, 2013

GAK is LIVE! This is a collaboration piece between Colby Blair (Muppet Guy) and Super_Sandbagger.
Go here to get the limited Glow in the dark green minifigure with base. Sandbaggers Store

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kaiju, Minifigures,Rubbers and more!!!!

Hello! The Sand Lord 4" Kaiju Sculpt is complete! Yes there are plans to make resin for sure. I am thinking of offering some Golds,Oranges,White Sand, and Yellows for colorways. A TENACIOUS TOYS Exclusive will be in the works. Look for this figure Next Month!
The Long awaited GAK will finally be available by tonight! 

GAK is a Collaboration piece Between Colby Blair and Super_Sandbagger,joining forces as SAND MUPPET STUDIOS!!!!
Sculpt was performed by Colby Blair AKA "THE MUPPET GUY" and RUBBER production by SUper_Sandbagger. This minifigure will debut in "Green GITD" colorway Brought to you by SOLAR COLOR DUST Also the Awesome Header Artwork was remastered by our very own Jeff DeSantis from BLEEDING EDGES
Stay sharp for tonight the GAK Drop will strike!