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Sand Flag

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Update: Bluestone Gallery "The art of Wil Wong Yee"

Hello! Just wrapped up an extraordinary night of drinks,friends and this amazing art by a local artist "my Cuzz" through marriage,but like a brother to me Wil Wong Yee.You can view the W.I.P's in the link to his web page. My Flikr has every piece that was on display @ the show. See, every piece of course has it's own identity. They all have a meaning and are real from the artist. Wil has definitely applied "mileage" to every piece and going all the way as far as his talents would let him. My favorite is the featured "The Boxer" It just has alot of abstract elements but not all the way and is very unique. My wife being a animal print, exotic cat lover enjoyed "Kat"
Everything was displayed nicely and thought out very well. I do believe Wil is going to display @ other galleries as well. I wish you luck and all the blessings that the universe has to offer you Wil!

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