Sand Flag

Sand Flag

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Yep title says it all! The last of the WASTELANDERS is in this up and coming release in January. No more after this. There will be 3 to 4 figures in the "FINAL" run. The first is featured right here: 8U7K H3AD (BULK HEAD) "The Enforcer" This Bot is Skorploks Iron Fist Literally. He will be cast in Durable Urethane Rubber and during the curing,he then will be "IMPREGNATED" with Silver,Black and Rusty pigments to make colors Permanent. I may do other colors,just depends on how GOOD you guys are;)
Other figures to look for are: Sanzou (HERO SandMASTER) He is the apprentice to the "Old Man" Suna No Sensei. Possibly a Officer figure,and a Final Old Man in Final Form. Of course some little companion tid bit figures.
 These figures will be Bagged and Tagged. Also I will have special Blister sets in special Colorways that will be exclusive to those sets.Isn't that Special? I know what you people were thinking;)
 More Sculpts coming soon!

Friday, November 29, 2013


Hello! Just posting some pics of figures I have available in shop. Some are Urethane Rubber,and others are resin. I have a coupon code:GAK for 15% off entire purchase! TODAY ONLY! So here is the store page: STORE Good Luck!

Monday, November 18, 2013

GAK is LIVE! This is a collaboration piece between Colby Blair (Muppet Guy) and Super_Sandbagger.
Go here to get the limited Glow in the dark green minifigure with base. Sandbaggers Store

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kaiju, Minifigures,Rubbers and more!!!!

Hello! The Sand Lord 4" Kaiju Sculpt is complete! Yes there are plans to make resin for sure. I am thinking of offering some Golds,Oranges,White Sand, and Yellows for colorways. A TENACIOUS TOYS Exclusive will be in the works. Look for this figure Next Month!
The Long awaited GAK will finally be available by tonight! 

GAK is a Collaboration piece Between Colby Blair and Super_Sandbagger,joining forces as SAND MUPPET STUDIOS!!!!
Sculpt was performed by Colby Blair AKA "THE MUPPET GUY" and RUBBER production by SUper_Sandbagger. This minifigure will debut in "Green GITD" colorway Brought to you by SOLAR COLOR DUST Also the Awesome Header Artwork was remastered by our very own Jeff DeSantis from BLEEDING EDGES
Stay sharp for tonight the GAK Drop will strike!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kaiju Kaos on Kickstarter: The Super Robot STRATO MAXX

Ok Who does not love GIANT freaking robots? My friend Bryan Borgman is bringing to us via KICKSTARTER STRATOMAXX A Super Resin ROBOT! So Friends He needs our help to fully fund this project. GO HERE: STRATOMAXX KICKSTARTER There are tons of incentives to choose,even a Hand painted/Airbrushed Custom one of a kind by 5 Artists to the roster: Mark Nagata (MAX TOY CO.) Jason Speth (CLAWFREAK) Eric Sorrells(ERSICO) Joe Whitford Chris Avalos(Evilos) and Yours Truly Me Your friendly neighborhood Super_Sandbagger. Support this quickly!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Toy Show and projects!

Hey folks! Wrapping up a Rad weekend here in Central Ohio. We just had an awesome Columbus Toy And Collectible Show. It was all around fun. Got to meet new friends,and catch up with old.
So, I wanted to share with you my meager haul. First off knabbed some M.U.S.C.L.E figs for cheap.

Met up with Bryan Borgman of Kaiju Kaos and picked up this  Optithulu Green Ice figure.

Also ran into Jimmy Rommel of Ironhaus Productions. He brought me some Murks and Micro Bastards Rubber Keshi Figures!

GOOD TIMES, Good Times!
 Now onto Projects! Wastelanders are Still Available @ Sandbaggers shop !!! I will be adding The OLD MAN "Suna No Sensei" Is available.

 Also and other NEW COLOR OPTION for the Rubber figs is GLOW RED FLESH TONE. What that means is the daytime or normal color is Flesh tone,while the Glow stage is Deep RED! It is awesome. The Glow red reminds me of Matt Doughty's Solaris Color for his Glyos.
Anyways that color is now available.
One other thing to add,I am giving away a RESIN FLESH colored Wastelanders Series 3 set! Here is the Details: FOLLOW @Super_Sandbagger on Instagram    - Repost this Image On Instagram

 -Tag it with #Wastelanders and #super_sandbagger  Drawing will be on Wednesday @ 10:00pm Eastern.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Hello everyone! We are heading into Series 3 of my rubber mini figure line Wastelanders. Up very shortly this week will be Skorplok (The Dictator)  Bagglorite Chibb Chibb (Bagglorite General) Left hand of Skorplok. Also falling right behind is another Suna No Sensei (Old Hermit Man) and Bulkhead A Enforcer Bot.
I think now is a good time to get into the story line before it gets too deep.    Wastelanders: Post apocalypse, everything is almost gone. There are survivors, but they have unique abilities and attributes. Radiation and other factors contributed to all the (New Life) Mutations, and anomalies! Most everyone is a Hermit and keep to themselves. The Wastelands will not allow!
Suna No Sensei (The Sand Master) is an old man  Hermit whom posses  the ability to manipulate the Sand. He likes to be peaceful and create creatures to keep him company.The Sand Master is a true Master that should not be underestimated.  He even has a Sand Cat as well that is unique, but still a cat. It can grow and shrink as it pleases or as needed by his master.
Skorplok (The Dictator) is a Bad guy! A menace to the Wastelands! With his Military Background in his previous life, Skorplok uses it to his full and Twisted advantage. He has formed an army of henchmen, soldiers and Robots to do his bidding. But sometimes when you want something right, you gotta do it yourself! He likes to get his hands dirty er... hand and Claw. Yes he has a Claw! It was an evolved mutation from the Wastelands... A gift perhaps? Skorplok is a mutation product from Human and Scorpion.  He is still growing and mutating but not aging that fast. His final form will appear soon enough....
Whew! Lots of typing there folks! I hope you enjoyed my little back story to further explain my miniscule mini fig line. Details on other figures and THE GIVEAWAY will be here soon enough. STAY TUNED....