Sand Flag

Sand Flag

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Head Shot

Wow gotta love this time of year! I have not forgotten about my projects @ all. As a matter of fact I am rolling out "Ihmo Fett" a 3 3/4" Bootleg resin with random artcard! So you get a cool figure and a cool art card as well. Ihmo Phett is Sando Bagrissian's Arch nemesis. In the begining, Sando and Ihmo use to chill. But one foul night @ a sweet party, Ihmo started playing for the other team. Sando quickly rejected his ass and said "I can't swing like that dude" and then on out became enemies!
Be on the look out this Friday for the release of "Ihmo Fett as part of the "Sando Bagrissian Returns" saga!!! More pics and art cards to come!

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