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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Disney's Vinylmation

Where to start? Well while on vacation my family and I were introduced to a new weakness,Vinylmation. So being at the Disney World parks kept us exposed to this addiction @ every store they had. The newer series that came out ,personally are the best! Although the Urban and the Park series are veteran,there are still other series to not miss as well.
Just like when you buy a blind box Dunny or Munny, the Vinlymation figures can be traded @ certain sites as well all over Walt Disney World. Some fine local malls may have a Disney store as well. I have not tried trading @ those locations outside the parks. How the trading works from what I've gathered is you go in,if you blind boxed figure suck you can then trade with the clerk either a straight 1 out of three "Visibly displayed" trade or you can choose from a numbered blind case and get one shot;) Sometimes you can sweet talk them into more LOL! But either way it is fun and you also get a chance to knab the older figures that are not available anymore:) Well in my Flikr you can see what I have thus far. Oh by the way my Lucky little Daughter pulled 2 chase figures like it was nothing. "Lucky little shit!" LOL!

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