Sand Flag

Sand Flag

Monday, September 5, 2011

Gaijin Warrior!!! This Week!!!!

Thanks Again Ralph for some more of your awesome artwork!
Not sure exactly when to drop these this week. I'm thinking late Friday night ,Saturday night,or even Sunday night. I would say the sooner the better right?
So Here is the skinny. We got a total of 20 Vagabonds with variations and 2 chasers. Muramasa brother and Masamune brother. The two chaser figs are airbrushed. Each fig $25 ea. plus ship Blind Bagged! no additional shipping for ore than one. I will do my best for multiple orders to keep from getting the same color;)

The Gaijin Warrior "Super" fig is a more bulky build that incorporates the two brothers to become one as destined to defeat the "Final Boss" Not all have the joints parts but are a nice beefy build. These guys will have a sword,and random chest armor. Some pieces even glow in the dark!! The clear parts look pretty rad under a black light or U.V. lamp Each build is very different. I have 5 ready but may alot for 10 just for you guys. This will not affect shipping;) The Super Gaijin Warrior figs are $35 ship. Multiple orders will not be charged additionally.
Tons of pics are updated on my Flickr page! Later this week I shall unveil "The Final Boss!!!"
All figs are eligible to get the mail away "Final Boss!"

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