Sand Flag

Sand Flag

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Epic Winning!

 We have a winner confirmed! Jake Beamer you da man! Congrats! Please email your address or in a PM. Thanks everyone,it's been real. Here is the Video Drawing.


Hello Folks! I know I know,It has been a while since I have Blogged. I have Bastardised this Blog for too long. Now iss the time for GIVEAWAYS AND GOODIES! Both Resin and Rubber. First off,This (Sand Skull) SD Resin was sculpted and cast by me. This is a $th of July Version as a One-Off. It features a Red White and Blue colorway. This can only be achieved by those between NOW and 9:30pm eastern to FOLLOW this Blog and leave a comment in the manner of 4TH. Of JULY. You can also comment on how bad you want it and how Rad Iam... but Flattering will get you no where! ;)

In other news Mr Sandbagger has been busy with Collaborations out the ASS! SHIMA the Warning from space is part of the KAIJU KAOS realm and is a Character from the Inspired Brains of Bryan Borgman of KAIJU KAOS.  Hit his Store and pages up for info on Rad little minifigures and Rulebooks for an Role playing Dice game. In his rulebook you may even notice some minifigure characters you already have. :) Hit this shop and Learn!    

OOOOH! One last thing! I am Teaming up with Eric Sorrels to do some rad casts and Customs of "AQUATIC"Vintage Battle Beast and Laser Beasts. Stay Tuned...