Sand Flag

Sand Flag

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Up and coming.

 Well with a bum airbrush,I can't make sweet looking Kaiju like stuff. But I ordered the nozzle I need and will be Spraying in no time. No more Sandbagging! That's what I get for being super anal about cleaning that thing.
 In other News Gak is going to have a release coming up here shortly,within the beginning of next month I forsee. Colby Blair and I have been working on this collab for A WHILE now. Just sayin. But I feel you fols will be satisfied. They will be released with a diorama base for display purposes.A select few that met me in person had an opportunity to buy some and see them in person. The release ones are gong to be Toxic Green and maybe Mud. Gak will be Bagged and tagged. Customs will be available after the release.
 Rad Trakks is a Possible production piece I would like to throw up on KICKSTARTER. I think initially I would release some resins before hand and then go straight for the Balls with fully funcional USB art pieces. Basically Rad Trakks will be a pocket Sized ,customizable,cassette art. I envision independent bands names,your favorite band name,Clears,painted rusted all kinds of goodness. Who does'nt like Cassettes?
I still have a few of my "Original" Resin mini figure SAND TERROR Dudes up for grabs at my shop:SANDBAGGERS STORE More colorways on the way just gotta make room for more.                              
Lastly but not leastly,I am working on some ANDROID Customs for a Web site that caters to Android Phones,and how to improve and Troubleshoot. It is a re3ally kool site. I will keep everyone posted on that because you could win a FREE Custom ANDROID by me from this site. STAY TUNED!!!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Review! : Iron Nilla"Gorewads!"

 Hello everyone! Welcome to my first online review. Today we are going to take a look at IroNilla Productions "GOREWADS" this is a collaboration between Eric Nilla and Jimmy Rommel!
These Little rubbery minifigs are the Radness we've all been looking for! Weighing in at a range of 1" inch to1 1/4" inch tall! Gorewads are nothing to mess with in a dark alley,or even in a wrestling ring!

First off we will start with:HippoROTamus

Obviously modeled after a Hippo,but even BETTER! This is a Blue colorway of HippoROTamus. His details really pop for this scale of figure.


This one features a Hammerhead Shark character "RRRRIIIIPING!" his own freaking guts out! How awesome is that? This one is the Flesh Colorway. Once again the detail is just all over the place.

 Lastly but not leastly: DIET HELL TURTLE

 We all love Turtles for sure!Got a nice lime green colorway for this fella. This little guy has two sides of fun just like the others. DHT features a Turtle Front holding a heart,while the backside is a Mask for a shell! He's definitely "Snapping" into action.
 After spending some time with these know playing with them. Putting them in my pocket for work or just playing with them again. I find that they are really nice and are smooth and bouncy.Kinda makes me want to Hurl one at my Dudes Testicles! ;) The RTV Rubber really makes these figures. Great casting quality for these little guys. 

 IroNilla productions...Great work! Eric Nilla is a casting Sculpting  Beast who makes these Guys out of a sweet Casting RTV Rubber that is Super Durable. He's on Facebook: just so you can keep track of anything new.  Jimmy Rommel is the counterpart of IroNilla productions,who also has Mad Sculpting and design skills. You can check him out too on Facebook: These two are always hard at work for the love of Toys and Art!
  So online you can get you "THREE" pack of Gorwads here: enilla store
 If you are a Ohio Native Got to "The Laughing Ogre"to Physically pick up the Gorewads. You Lazy Bums!

Coming soon and just released Universe Of Violence Mini Figures! Also a IroNilla productions collab!

The M.U.S.C.L.E guy is just a reference of size in the MIDDLE.   Eyeklops (Available) on left. Blemmyea Warrior on right (Coming Soon) These are and or will be available @ enilla store as well.
I hope you enjoyed all the Mini figured goodness! Until next time!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"Wild" Sandroids!

Hey folks! It's been a while since I Blogged. Well I have some release news for ya! My up and coming Sandroids "Wild Side" Series. This will be a release of Eight one of a kind Android customs. One Chase "The Owl" will be offered. All will be a free for all,first come first serve so you can pick the one you want. So with that said,I am looking to have a Friday or Saturday release for these and they will be available in my shop

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

C2E2 and friends!

Hey Been a while since the last post. Tonight I am posting some info and updates on projects I have been working on and about the Nerd City Booth #842.
First off it is an honor to be part of the scene with some of the most creative minds in the Toy world. Ben Spencer (Nerd City) is whipping out some bad Assery with his Cyborg Space Barbarians. Lot's of consistant figures here but alot of variants th choose from. I thought I seen a General Galaxxor dude in there too. Looks like they are ready for deployment.
Marty Hansen (The God Beast) is looking pretty spiffy with his line up of awesomeness like his Repoclaimers (Extra Glitterry) and his Armorvors. All that hard work has definitely paid off,awesome work team God Beast. Amazing casts as usual.
Mistuh Thye will be gracing us with some Shit! ;) Literally,his Custom Phantom Shithouses. I never knew shit could look so good.
Feed the Dead will be there too giving us all blessings with his Demon Skulls,hand cast Resin Glyos compatible heads! "Try saying that five times fast" Looks like we got some Scareglo action and some horned demons. Lots of variety and variation fo sho!
Yes my lame shit will be there too. I did a WHOLE case of DIY Androids for this special occasion. I call them "Sandroids! !/1 special and unique customs. lot's to chose from and they will have different price ranges. I also have Treasure Bagglers and Oil Slick Gaks! Gak is a original concept and sculpt by Colby Blair a.k.a (MuppetGuy) the casting was done by me.I even hand painted and sanded a couple as Customs. Keep posted here and my Facebook"Please LIKE!" page for updates and photos of Toy awesomeness from the show! Thanks again Nerd City for letting me hang with you guys!

Last minute update!: The Columbus Toy Show will be going on this Sunday 4/15/12 @ 9:00 am if you are in Ohio or surrounding areas and cannot make c2e2.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year!


Hey all! Just getting back into the swing of things from all the holiday mayhem. Firstoff,I had gotten some new equipment for some heavy duty pro stuff. My old Pressure pot kicked the bucket. So now I can do more casts and have way less airbubbles if any.
Secondly,OMFG! has been a big success! I just got my exclusive "Black" kickstarter set. Other goodies came with it; These are great looking figures,all the artists involved did a top notch job! These guys really take me back to the M.U.S.C.L.E and MIMP days. Great figures!
Thirdly,I would like to introduce SandBaggerz! These are OMFG M.U.S.C.L.E scale. I have a test clear cast "Baggler" andsculpt and paint "Sandbo". Coming soon!