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Monday, August 20, 2012

Review! : Iron Nilla"Gorewads!"

 Hello everyone! Welcome to my first online review. Today we are going to take a look at IroNilla Productions "GOREWADS" this is a collaboration between Eric Nilla and Jimmy Rommel!
These Little rubbery minifigs are the Radness we've all been looking for! Weighing in at a range of 1" inch to1 1/4" inch tall! Gorewads are nothing to mess with in a dark alley,or even in a wrestling ring!

First off we will start with:HippoROTamus

Obviously modeled after a Hippo,but even BETTER! This is a Blue colorway of HippoROTamus. His details really pop for this scale of figure.


This one features a Hammerhead Shark character "RRRRIIIIPING!" his own freaking guts out! How awesome is that? This one is the Flesh Colorway. Once again the detail is just all over the place.

 Lastly but not leastly: DIET HELL TURTLE

 We all love Turtles for sure!Got a nice lime green colorway for this fella. This little guy has two sides of fun just like the others. DHT features a Turtle Front holding a heart,while the backside is a Mask for a shell! He's definitely "Snapping" into action.
 After spending some time with these know playing with them. Putting them in my pocket for work or just playing with them again. I find that they are really nice and are smooth and bouncy.Kinda makes me want to Hurl one at my Dudes Testicles! ;) The RTV Rubber really makes these figures. Great casting quality for these little guys. 

 IroNilla productions...Great work! Eric Nilla is a casting Sculpting  Beast who makes these Guys out of a sweet Casting RTV Rubber that is Super Durable. He's on Facebook: just so you can keep track of anything new.  Jimmy Rommel is the counterpart of IroNilla productions,who also has Mad Sculpting and design skills. You can check him out too on Facebook: These two are always hard at work for the love of Toys and Art!
  So online you can get you "THREE" pack of Gorwads here: enilla store
 If you are a Ohio Native Got to "The Laughing Ogre"to Physically pick up the Gorewads. You Lazy Bums!

Coming soon and just released Universe Of Violence Mini Figures! Also a IroNilla productions collab!

The M.U.S.C.L.E guy is just a reference of size in the MIDDLE.   Eyeklops (Available) on left. Blemmyea Warrior on right (Coming Soon) These are and or will be available @ enilla store as well.
I hope you enjoyed all the Mini figured goodness! Until next time!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"Wild" Sandroids!

Hey folks! It's been a while since I Blogged. Well I have some release news for ya! My up and coming Sandroids "Wild Side" Series. This will be a release of Eight one of a kind Android customs. One Chase "The Owl" will be offered. All will be a free for all,first come first serve so you can pick the one you want. So with that said,I am looking to have a Friday or Saturday release for these and they will be available in my shop