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Sand Flag

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sando Bagrissian Returns!!! Gaijin Warrior Update!!!

Hey everyone,I've just been really Sandbagging here lately. This time of year is chaos with family work,and more family but it is all going to be worth it. I decided to revise Sando Bagrissian a 3 3/4" resin bootleg character I previously created. But this is going to be carded,maybe even a possible Bootleg 2 pack featuring his long time feminine Nemesis "EMO PHETT" Ha! Pretty funny huh? I want you guys to think back to some older movies that dealt with Mummies and saving the world. That is the direction I am taking with this.
Also Update on the SandMuppet Studios X Onell Collab "Gaijin Warrior." This Character is basically from the ancient "Feudal" real of the Glyos system. Based off of the Legendary swords "Muramasa"and the Masamune" The figures are going to be in three sets or variants .1:Red 2:Blue 3: Purple "Super Figs" I am hoping to release these babies @ the end of the month just as long as there is no interference with other artists and other drops. Stay Tuned!!!

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