Sand Flag

Sand Flag

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The glowing mystery????

Almost completion San'Dor still leaves us puzzled with his "glowing" that he produces. Maybe his fate has something to do with it? Ultimate power or Ultimate death! Only time will tell!

Friday, September 25, 2009

San'Dor Landing on a Desert planet near you!

Be on the look out on the Onell site for the mark of San'Dor!
San'Dor is a (Super_Sandbagger X MuppetGuy=SandMuppet Studios) Collaboration with Onell design. So Sand Muppet X Onell Collaboration! Anyways This guy has various stages of transformation and variation. A total of four stages: 1: Flashback "Clean, 2 first contact with the desert planet. 3 Scarred an "Sand" weathered. Has a gritty texture to him and sports a sweet scar on his eye. 4 Nearing fate,head glows in the dark as he approaches his destiny. 5th final stage:" Consumed" By traveling the planets surface he nears the end or the beginning of his journey.
This Glyos figure will be blind bagged at random in Canvas,Jute, or burlap environmentally friendly re-usable bags. Also has header card attached which was wonderfully done by our good friend Bleeding Edges. One lucky person out of 50 figures is going to achieve a little bag of golden sand. If this happens YOU'RE A WINNER! Simply use the redeem code to receive you mail away Special edition "Consumed" All glow figure! This is sorta like a Golden ticket promotion and you get two figs for the price of one:)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Columbus Toy Show!

Hey everyone! Columbus,Ohio Toy Show is around the corner. Sunday September 20th. If you are a fan of vintage and new toys such as Gi-Joe,Star Wars,Transformers and much more visit for more details.