Sand Flag

Sand Flag

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rubber Fever!!!!

Alot of moving and shaking going on in the studio. Molding figures to be cast in Urethane rubber. Sculpting insanely small figures,collaborating with awesome people. I am talking about the infamous Jimmy Rommel a.k.aIronhaus Productions. This dude can sculpt em small! He and other artists have got us going crazy for Flexible,durable,non toxic rubber minifigs. Heck, I am now making them as well.
 So the pic above is my latest "WASTELANDERS" Rubber mini fig series. alot of figures are going to be made,whether a sculpt by me or Jimmy Rommel. First round are SKORPLOK "the Dictator",and Chibbs "The Hench man / companion figure. I sculpted Skorpy and Jimmy Rommel sculpted chibbs for me. Chibbs was originally a gift,I enjoyed this little guy so much I wanted to share. So if you want to grab a set of Wastelanders, go here:MY SHOP I hope you HATE THEM!!!

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