Sand Flag

Sand Flag

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Projects,Giveaways and Toys

Hello to all on this fine snowy Saturday morning. Recently I had a "Giveaway" on FACEBOOK.This was for a Sweet Rusty Sandroid Custom to kick off my latest drop of customs "Alien Sands" I will try to do more giveaways each month,but will be random toys and customs. In the mean time Sandroid "Alien Sands" Drop shall be ready this weekend. Follow me on instagram @super_sandbagger or just follow this blog and Facebook.
Other news Matt Doughty and crew did a really fine job on bringing us some more GLYOS goodies! It appears they have replicated a "Creamsicle" /Adventure people colorway. These will really take you back. Other colorways were available too. I tell ya you gotta be quick on the trigger for these guys. Some scraps may be left over.
 One last thing today,GAK is hopefully going to happen this month. Colby Blair did a fine job sculpting this little minifig. I just need to get my ass in gear and finish the casts for this "ICE GAK"

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