Sand Flag

Sand Flag

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Up and coming.

 Well with a bum airbrush,I can't make sweet looking Kaiju like stuff. But I ordered the nozzle I need and will be Spraying in no time. No more Sandbagging! That's what I get for being super anal about cleaning that thing.
 In other News Gak is going to have a release coming up here shortly,within the beginning of next month I forsee. Colby Blair and I have been working on this collab for A WHILE now. Just sayin. But I feel you fols will be satisfied. They will be released with a diorama base for display purposes.A select few that met me in person had an opportunity to buy some and see them in person. The release ones are gong to be Toxic Green and maybe Mud. Gak will be Bagged and tagged. Customs will be available after the release.
 Rad Trakks is a Possible production piece I would like to throw up on KICKSTARTER. I think initially I would release some resins before hand and then go straight for the Balls with fully funcional USB art pieces. Basically Rad Trakks will be a pocket Sized ,customizable,cassette art. I envision independent bands names,your favorite band name,Clears,painted rusted all kinds of goodness. Who does'nt like Cassettes?
I still have a few of my "Original" Resin mini figure SAND TERROR Dudes up for grabs at my shop:SANDBAGGERS STORE More colorways on the way just gotta make room for more.                              
Lastly but not leastly,I am working on some ANDROID Customs for a Web site that caters to Android Phones,and how to improve and Troubleshoot. It is a re3ally kool site. I will keep everyone posted on that because you could win a FREE Custom ANDROID by me from this site. STAY TUNED!!!!!

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