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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

C2E2 and friends!

Hey Been a while since the last post. Tonight I am posting some info and updates on projects I have been working on and about the Nerd City Booth #842.
First off it is an honor to be part of the scene with some of the most creative minds in the Toy world. Ben Spencer (Nerd City) is whipping out some bad Assery with his Cyborg Space Barbarians. Lot's of consistant figures here but alot of variants th choose from. I thought I seen a General Galaxxor dude in there too. Looks like they are ready for deployment.
Marty Hansen (The God Beast) is looking pretty spiffy with his line up of awesomeness like his Repoclaimers (Extra Glitterry) and his Armorvors. All that hard work has definitely paid off,awesome work team God Beast. Amazing casts as usual.
Mistuh Thye will be gracing us with some Shit! ;) Literally,his Custom Phantom Shithouses. I never knew shit could look so good.
Feed the Dead will be there too giving us all blessings with his Demon Skulls,hand cast Resin Glyos compatible heads! "Try saying that five times fast" Looks like we got some Scareglo action and some horned demons. Lots of variety and variation fo sho!
Yes my lame shit will be there too. I did a WHOLE case of DIY Androids for this special occasion. I call them "Sandroids! !/1 special and unique customs. lot's to chose from and they will have different price ranges. I also have Treasure Bagglers and Oil Slick Gaks! Gak is a original concept and sculpt by Colby Blair a.k.a (MuppetGuy) the casting was done by me.I even hand painted and sanded a couple as Customs. Keep posted here and my Facebook"Please LIKE!" page for updates and photos of Toy awesomeness from the show! Thanks again Nerd City for letting me hang with you guys!

Last minute update!: The Columbus Toy Show will be going on this Sunday 4/15/12 @ 9:00 am if you are in Ohio or surrounding areas and cannot make c2e2.

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