Sand Flag

Sand Flag

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kaiju Kaos on Kickstarter: The Super Robot STRATO MAXX

Ok Who does not love GIANT freaking robots? My friend Bryan Borgman is bringing to us via KICKSTARTER STRATOMAXX A Super Resin ROBOT! So Friends He needs our help to fully fund this project. GO HERE: STRATOMAXX KICKSTARTER There are tons of incentives to choose,even a Hand painted/Airbrushed Custom one of a kind by 5 Artists to the roster: Mark Nagata (MAX TOY CO.) Jason Speth (CLAWFREAK) Eric Sorrells(ERSICO) Joe Whitford Chris Avalos(Evilos) and Yours Truly Me Your friendly neighborhood Super_Sandbagger. Support this quickly!

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