Sand Flag

Sand Flag

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Yep title says it all! The last of the WASTELANDERS is in this up and coming release in January. No more after this. There will be 3 to 4 figures in the "FINAL" run. The first is featured right here: 8U7K H3AD (BULK HEAD) "The Enforcer" This Bot is Skorploks Iron Fist Literally. He will be cast in Durable Urethane Rubber and during the curing,he then will be "IMPREGNATED" with Silver,Black and Rusty pigments to make colors Permanent. I may do other colors,just depends on how GOOD you guys are;)
Other figures to look for are: Sanzou (HERO SandMASTER) He is the apprentice to the "Old Man" Suna No Sensei. Possibly a Officer figure,and a Final Old Man in Final Form. Of course some little companion tid bit figures.
 These figures will be Bagged and Tagged. Also I will have special Blister sets in special Colorways that will be exclusive to those sets.Isn't that Special? I know what you people were thinking;)
 More Sculpts coming soon!

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