Sand Flag

Sand Flag

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Horde!

Tomorrow 7:30 Eastern time Sand Muppet Studios X Onell Design (San'Dor) Collaboration. This is a independent release by MuppetGuy and Super_Sandbagger = Sand Muppet Studios. Here is the Horde before they go to their new homes! Limit four per customer. This gives you a chance to have one of each variation. Not guranteed with every order. Not one San'Dor is the same,may have more an Orange hue or yellow. Maybe slightly more sand than another. Also Includes Goodies such as:
-Blood Pheyden Head (Custom Dyed by me)
-Custom dyed crimson Gobon blasters Clean or sandy,opaque or transparent.
-One Golden bag of sand( FOR THE SPECIAL CONSUMED ALL GLOW FIGURE) Mail away!
See you tomorrow!

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