Sand Flag

Sand Flag

Friday, September 25, 2009

San'Dor Landing on a Desert planet near you!

Be on the look out on the Onell site for the mark of San'Dor!
San'Dor is a (Super_Sandbagger X MuppetGuy=SandMuppet Studios) Collaboration with Onell design. So Sand Muppet X Onell Collaboration! Anyways This guy has various stages of transformation and variation. A total of four stages: 1: Flashback "Clean, 2 first contact with the desert planet. 3 Scarred an "Sand" weathered. Has a gritty texture to him and sports a sweet scar on his eye. 4 Nearing fate,head glows in the dark as he approaches his destiny. 5th final stage:" Consumed" By traveling the planets surface he nears the end or the beginning of his journey.
This Glyos figure will be blind bagged at random in Canvas,Jute, or burlap environmentally friendly re-usable bags. Also has header card attached which was wonderfully done by our good friend Bleeding Edges. One lucky person out of 50 figures is going to achieve a little bag of golden sand. If this happens YOU'RE A WINNER! Simply use the redeem code to receive you mail away Special edition "Consumed" All glow figure! This is sorta like a Golden ticket promotion and you get two figs for the price of one:)

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  1. awesome, I'll definitely keep an eye out for this release since I missed out on that awesome head you made for the glyos figs.